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PNP A Personalised Video Message From Santa : Review

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time for Children everywhere to start posting letters to Santa… or even emailing him! As a child I remember writing list after list of presents I wanted for Christmas and giving them to my mum to post for me. Now it’s time for my son to become wrapped up in the magic of Christmas. Recently Lewis was fortunate enough to meet Santa on a day out.

Now the lovely people at PNP (Portable North Pole) have offered for me to review a Premium Christmas Video message from Santa using their on-line service. Using their 4 easy step service, I have told PNP if my son is a good or bad child, likes and dislikes, age, and what lewis is hoping to get this year. Also sharing memorable events from the past year.

You can design your video to show various scenes, for example from Santa tending to his reindeer in the stables or Santa in his communications centre. You can also decide which toys Santa’s elves are testing in the workshop.

The video message was created instantly ready for your child to watch at any time.




Lewis was really taken by having his video from Santa, what I found really held Lewis’s attention is that it was beautiful designed and created for your child individually. Santa also called for him using his name every minute or so thus refreshing his attention to the video. Even I was captivated and amazed at this video.




Using the Premium Service includes the following;

  • Allows you to view your video message to a loved one at any time over the Christmas Period. 
  • An extended 6 Minute long video message from Santa.
  • Unique clips, scenarios and events that are not available on the free version.
  • And lastly, a special video message again to your child to be shown on Christmas Eve as Santa is making his journey.

Priced at £2.99 for the Premium service I think this is really good value, especially to see the look on your child’s face when he/she sees Santa talking to them. There is also and option to download your child’s personalised video message at an additional cost of £4.49, a memory that can be kept for years.


We have also been offered a 1 Call Credit for Santa to call Lewis with a special message, this service as yet is unavailable which we will use once available. Again like creating the video you tell PNP various bits about your child to personalise their phone call. This service is also priced at £2.99 per call credit.


Exclusive Offer

I also have an offer code for you to use should you wish to use this brilliant service to surprise your child with a personalised message from Santa. Simply visit the PNP website and enter code BLG20BKP to gain a 20% discount off all digital products in the PNP store until the 1st January 2014.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with an offer code to access the PNP Premium Service to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


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