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Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party : Review

Recently Leah has become more and more engaged about role play, so much so for Christmas we intend to turn our children’s playroom into a home-room and fill it with kitchen and “home” toys. To get us started on our change we were offered a chance to review the Musical Rainbow Tea Party from Leap Frog.

Upon first impressions I was very taken with the colours of all the items, the detailing on the slices of cake and symbols to show the different flavoured slices. The cups are lovely, with multicoloured hearts and the teapot I was immensely impressed with, these reasons I will explain later.

Unpacking the set was rather fiddly, fortunately I didn’t have a child around me at the time pestering me to hurry up so we could play otherwise I fear it may have taken longer. But once it was all out of the box, I switched the teapot on and that soon caught the attention of my youngest who wanted to play!

With an age recommendation of 12-36 months this is a fantastic product to help get Leah started in her role playing adventures.  She was immediately taken with the teapot, the bright water-level light and the attractive songs kept her busy for sometime. Then she was onto playing with the cake slices… although I think we need to improve our imaginary eating.

The teapot promotes some fantastic learning skills, from role play, to colours, counting, matching items and rhymes.

The teapot also includes these other fantastic features;

  • A mirror under the teapot lid.
  • A water level light, which also shows water flow to the spout as you tilt the pot.
  • Tea Time button, press this to brew a fresh pot or choose a different flavour of tea.
  • Tea Time sounds, tip the pot to hear water pouring sounds and practise counting.

The share cake, I find really well designed with different fruits for different slices. Not only that, when you lift a cake slice off the plate there is a fruit mark on the plate to help with matching skills.


With an RRP of £19.99 the Musical Rainbow Tea Party is a fantastic item for any child who is made about role-play or just growing into it.

You can even enter my competition to win a Musical Rainbow Tea Party set for a young child of your choice. Ends Midnight 8/12/2013

I recorded the teapot in action, so you can see what its like;

**This is not a sponsored post. I was provided with a Leap Frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set for review. All words and opinions are my own.

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