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The Gro Company GroClock : Review

For most parents, the twice yearly clock changes can be a complete nightmare. You spend weeks getting your children use to a clock change and then before you know it you get hit with the next one and you spend weeks repeating the rhythm again. The most recent clock change really has left us with a major dilemma, Lewis has started to wake for the day at 5am and we have no sight in end of this rhythm changing. With Lewis waking this early, not only does he wake myself or ClearlyDaddy but he’s also been waking his little sister, its just a cruel circle, one which I’m not winning at all.

That was until I was greeted with this little beauty!

We have been testing out a GroClock now for a week and although we had a rocky start (as I set it incorrectly) all is now ok and Lewis has now started to remain in bed until 6.30am. He has been waking up still early but for the past 2 mornings he’s put his DVD on and jumped back into bed which has resulted in him going back to sleep again. I am now beginning to think we are breaking the cycle, finally!

The GroClock is very easy to set up, simply tell it the time and tell it what time is safe for your child to get out of bed in the morning.

As your child goes to bed simply tell the GroClock that your child has gone to bed and it can begin the countdown to wake up time. During the night the blue stars around the edge of the display slowly disappear to represent a countdown to “wake up” time which is when the sun appears.

There is a second setting for “wake up” time, ideal for use at a weekend when we all hope for that extra lie in. Also there is an option to remove the digital time from the screen and also set an audible alarm to wake your child in a morning. The clock also features a key-lock option so that it your child does play with the clock they cannot disturb any settings or unset the clock.

Really this is a lovely clock, its really serving its purpose in our house and Lewis is really liking his clock with the “sleepy star” and “smiley sun”. Included with the GroClock is a lovely little book which called “Sleepy Farm” a book we haven’t read together but Lewis has read to his sister. Aged 4, Lewis can’t read yet but his imagination kicks in reading this book to his sister so it’s a different story every time he opens the book.

With an RRP of £29.99 this lovely little clock is a must have for every child who is either an early riser or needs help with telling the time.

**This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with a GroClock to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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