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gNappies : Review

Over the past 10-14 days we have been test running some fancy new pants for Leah, from the lovely people at gNappies, please let me introduce to you the gPants;

The gPants are designed to replace disposable nappies, not only are these new nappies funky looking they are hugely beneficial to the planet. The 3-part nappy promotes a breathable outer layer pant which are available in wide range of designs. A waterproof inner pouch which snaps into place on the outer pants and lastly you place an absorbent nappy into the pouch. These pants are designed to be either used with reusable or disposable liners. For our review we were provided with disposable liners.

The Environment Bit

Whether you use the disposable liners or reusable, they are both more environmentally friendly than traditional disposable nappies. Reusable liners could be washed with the pants and pouch, saving time, money and effort. The disposable liners are fully biodegradable and can be fully composted in your garden compost bin (only the wet liners) or in landfill at around 50-150 days compared to normal disposable nappies which are not biodegradable!!

I found the waterproof pouch to be really effective at preventing leakages as I found that the liner in the nappy becomes slightly crumpled during wear and rarely stayed in place but with the pouch preventing leakages only the pouch requires washing on a more regular basis, i.e. daily and the outer gPants can get away with being worn more than once. The liners are very absorbent which really impressed me.

Since trying the gNappies, I have become slightly confused as to which way round my daughter is to wear the gPants. To start off with I put them on her with the logo at the back, then my husband put them on her with the logo at the front. Wearing the pants either way caused no discomfort to my daughter and she was very happy in them. I have continued to put them on with the logo at the back to remove the velcro tabs from my daughters reach to prevent removal.

The cost of replacement liners are very steep, at a cost of £8.95 for a pack of new liners containing 40 liners for newborn/small and 32 for medium/large and extra large I was very shocked as the liners are more expensive than normal nappies.

The price of new gPants range from £14.95 to £17.95 per pair and they certainly are funky with plenty of designs to choose from.

In the long run if I was to consider keeping to the disposable liners it would become incredibly costly. I was always of the impression that nappies like the gNappies were a lot cheaper and better for the environment. To be fully converted I’d most likely look down the route of reusable liners for any saving at all.

The gPants are really lovely and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time using them and I would recommend them.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with 2 pairs of gNappies and disposable liners to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    25th November 2013 at 11:26 am

    @Notmyyearoff They are lovely, I’d very happily continue use if the liners weren’t as expensive. But for people who are looking to help environment over the cost these would be ideal.

  2. Notmyyearoff

    25th November 2013 at 7:16 am

    Ooh they do look very nice but those liners are costly aren’t they? I think if I ever used these I’d go for the reusable liners too.

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