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Organix Goodies : Review & Giveaway

A couple of days ago we received a lovely selection of products to try from Organix, ideal for Toddlers and big kids. We received to sample Mini Gingerbread Men, Strawberry & Apple Fruit Gummies, Raisins and Chopped Apple, Raisins and Chopped Apricots & Apricot Oaty Bars.

I was quite optimistic upon receiving these items, and looked forward to trying them out on my “fussy eating” daughter.

All products from the Organix Goodies range are made with a no junk guarantee, meaning that there are no added salt, sugar or any other nasties to any of their products and are made with 100% natural, organic ingredients.

Gingerbread Men

As you can see from the list of ingredients before there is no sugar added to any other their Gingerbread Men, and half of the flour used is wholegrain, ensuring your child gets a boost in the fibre and vitamin levels.

Not only are these Gingerbread Men good for your children, they are super tasty too. Leah really enjoys these and Lewis would rather have these to equivalent biscuits from a bakery (which will be packed with Sugar)!


Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flour 31%
Organic Wheat Flour 31%
Organic Grape Juice Concentrate 28%
Organic Unhydrogenated Palm Oil 6%
Organic Sunflower Oil 3%
Organic Ginger less than 1%
Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate)* less than 1%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) less than 1%
Junk 0%
TOTAL 100%

Strawberry & Apple Fruit Gummies

These I must admit, are my over all favourite, these are lovely to eat. Still keeping in like with their “no junk promise” all the gummies are made with 100% organic ingredients with no unnecessary artificial ingredients.

Leah isn’t a liker of gummies unfortunately but Lewis and I soon munched these up!


Organic Apple Juice Concentrate 66%
Organic Apple Puree Concentrate 22%
Organic Strawberry Puree 10%
Gelling Agent* Pectin 1%
Organic Sunflower Oil <1%
Organic Rice Flour <1%
Junk 0%
total 100%

Raisins and Chopped Apple

Both my children do enjoy their Raisins which I am lucky but neither of them enjoyed having other bits of dried foods in. When Lewis was younger I use to buy him these which he loved but as he’s grown up he’s obviously forgotten how much he loved these. I on the other hand found the little bits of apple tasty, these would certainly contribute to your child’s 5-a-day.

These again contain 100% organic ingredients with no artificial ingredients.


Organic Raisins 85%
Organic Sunflower Oil Less than 1%
Organic Dried Apples 15%
Organic Rice Flour Less than 1%
Junk 0%
TOTAL 100%

Raisins and Chopped Apricots

As before I was unfortunately unable to get my children to eat the little bits of dried fruit, Lewis did eat one which he said was lovely but then wouldn’t eat the rest.


Organic Raisins 70%
Organic Sunflower Oil Less than 1%
Organic Dried Apricots 29%
Organic Rice Flour* less than 1%
Junk 0%
TOTAL 100%

Apricot Oaty Bars

Now these were Lewis’s favourite and has been taking these to school for his packed lunch and comes back at the end of a day with an empty wrapper. He’s really enjoyed these. They are certainly the winner in our house.

Unlike other oaty bars these are not bound together with nasty fatty ingredients and are again made with 100% organic ingredients.


Organic Wholegrain Oats 44%
Organic Dried Apricots 22%
Organic Raisins 14%
Organic Apple Juice Concentrate 10%
Organic Sunflower Oil 10%
Junk 0%
Total 100%


Its fair the say most of these items have been a success with Lewis. Leah will need a little bit more coaching towards them, as due to her fussy eating it’s become quite difficult to introduce new foods to her. Over time I know she will change so Organix Goodies shall be mak
ing a regular appearance to help with that.


If you would be interested in winning a delicious Organix Christmas Hamper, please visit Tired Mummy Of Two’s #TMOTXmas Tombola where you could win this fab hamper.



Items inc; Christmas Selection Box, Gingerbread Tin, Mini Gingerbread Men, 2 x Fruit Gummies, 2 x Raisins and Chopped Apple, 2 x Raisins and Chopped Apricots, 2 x Spicy Tomato Stars.

**This is not a sponsored post. I was provided with these items to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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