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Nappykind Leg Warmers : Review

Recently Leah was sent some new Leg Warmers from the lovely people at NappyKind Boutique.

The leg warmers we ordered were the Flowery Forest Leg warmers, currently in the sale at £5.99 (RRP £7.99).

We ordered them Thursday were glad to receive them on the Monday as Leah was wearing her favourite dress that blended lovely with the Leg warmers and I had ordered with the intention of her wearing with this particular dress.




Leah was very happy to put them on for me and model them.

Why Leg Warmers?!

Leg warmers are designed for any age of child, they help faster nappy changes as you do not need to move them and also help protect your child’s legs/knees in the early stages of moving i.e. crawling and walking.

They are also perfect for children a little bit older when they are in the stages of potty training as the leg warmers will not require moving for your child to dress/undress themselves for the use of toilet or potty.

They are also good to keep in your bag for day trips out, say the weathers warm but suddenly goes cool. With the leg warmers in your bag you won’t need to create a whole outfit change to keep your child warmer, just pop the leg warmers on and they will protect your child’s legs. They also work the same for your child’s arms should you forget a jumper!

The leg warmers can be used for any situation to protect your child’s arms and legs, should it be to help keep socks on your child’s feet, to holding bandages in place (plasters or casts) or preventing scratching should your child have eczema they are lightweight and stylish.

Also as they are made from 80% Cotton, 2% Spandex & 18% Polyester they are machine washable and (as tested by myself) tumble dry safe!

With lots of different designs to choose from make you take a peek and try them out! Leah loves hers and they will certainly be making a regular appearance when wearing dresses or shorts.

**This is not a sponsored post, I paid a small fee to receive my goods to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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