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Matchbox Vehicles : Review

As a child, my brother and I regularly played with his bucket of cars, on a road mat with a toy garage. The cars we owned were rather small, plain and with absolutely next to no detail on them. There were just coloured cars, sometimes with plastic windows (if we hadn’t broken them) and wheels. We spent hours at a time playing with them, parking them up in the toy garage and whizzing them down the ramp!

Recently, we have been playing with 2 Matchbox cars that we were sent to review. Part of the Matchbox 60th Anniversary range consisting of 24 vehicles plus a Routemaster Bus.

We received a 1962 Volkswagen Bug and a 2007 Porche 911 GT3, numbers 18 and 22 from the collection.

Matchbox cars, introduced to the world in 1953 were designed to fit in a matchbox following the rule of the owners daughters school teacher stating that children were only allowed to take a toy to school that could fit inside a matchbox.

These 2 cars are wonderful looking vehicles, perfectly detailed as you can see from the pictures.

I really am impressed with the motifs, badges and detailing of these such small vehicles.

Lewis has enjoyed playing with these cars, on his car mat, having races with his other cars and parking them up.

The cars still come with the iconic little cardboard “matchbox” perfect for storing the vehicles in.

If your looking for that perfect little stocking filler, a toy that will be cherished and well played with why not look at a Matchbox car? Priced at £3.49 per vehicle and an age range of 3+ these could be a perfect little gift for a child for Christmas.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with 2 Matchbox 60th Anniversary vehicles for review. All words and opinions are my own.

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