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Karcher Multi Purpose Vacuum : Review

Over the past couple of weeks we have been road testing a wonderful MPV (multi-purpose vacuum) from Karcher. I have since nicknamed this the “Man-Vac”, purely going of my husbands track record of using a hoover he tries to vacuum up everything and this vacuum is designed to work with everything.

About the Karcher WD 2.200

The Vacuum promotes a superb 1200W motor, ideal for collection of a whole range of debris from dust, glass and liquid without damage. It is even capable of unblocking sinks, impressive or what?! The MPV is incredibly lightweight and easy to use.

When the MPV arrived I had to refrain ClearlyDaddy from just ripping it out of the box and heading into the garden to play. Here are a couple of pictures prior to taking it on its first test drive.

Setting up the “Man-Vac” was simple, simply attach the wheels, hose and filter and away you go! All the accessories can be stored on the machine.


Below are the items supplied with the WC 2.200

  1. Suction Hose
  2. Suction tubes
  3. Wet and Dry floor tool
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Cartridge filter
  6. Bumper bar
  7. On-Board accessory storage.

Technical data

Air flow rate (l/s)
Vacuum (mbar/kPa)
200 / 20
Length of cord access. (m)
ID accessory (mm)
Max. intake performance (W)
Container capacity / material l
12 / Plastic
Voltage (V)
220 240
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
370 x 340 x 430

Upon doing my research into the MPV I came across this rather comical video (or it was just funny for me… I should be naturally blonde!) of TV builder Tommy Walsh versus Karcher’s DIY enthusiast, Jack.

As a result we intend to use our Karcher MPV to a similar extent as the demonstration video.

Firstly we hoovered the driveway, Lewis enjoyed helping ClearlyDaddy with this task and has regularly asked if he can go back and do more! As you can see, the MPV was brilliant at clearing the driveway, collecting a range of debris from stones, dried mud and leaves.

We had a few problems whilst using the vacuum, we kept suffering a loss in suction frequently. We believed this to be due to the small size of the hose and the even smaller hole attaching the hose to the vacuum, compared to other MPV’s on the market.

Our next test was the wet stuff.

Over the past week, all the leaves have dropped of the trees and a lot of rain has fallen from the sky. This has given me the perfect opportunity to work with the MPV at clearing out the drains as they were becoming clogged up. As expected the MPV had no problems what so ever at helping me out.

One main thing I have found out, If your filter is wet you need to let it dry completely before using it to vacuum dry debris as the filter will become clogged up badly. For this, especially if you will be using your MPV a lot, I’d recommend having a spare backup filter.

Overall this a brilliant piece of kit, certainly works well and I’d thoroughly recommend it to any DIY enthusiast of tradesman.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a Karcher MPV for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.

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