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Ironbridge Gorge Museums

I am very excited about this post, and all further posts relating to what I am about to share with you.

Living back in Telford, I have found that people are very proud of what Telford has to offer, excellent parks, attractions and also the Ironbridge Gorge including all its Museums.

I have been in contact with Ironbridge Gorge Museums and I am very happy to share with you that I have been granted access to all 10 of the Museums to review and share with you all. I have 12 months to access all the museums Ironbridge Gorge has to offer and review about our visits.

All 10 Sites

  1. Blists Hill Victorian Town – Giving visitors a chance to experience what life was like 100 years ago. Exploring shops, fairgrounds, eating fish and chips and much more.
  2. Enginuity – A science and technology attraction, giving visitors a opportunity to get hands on with experiments and interactive exhibits.
  3. Coalport China Museum – Visit the famous Coalport China Factory, watch live demonstrations about making, sculpting and painting.
  4. Jackfield Tile Museum – Explore rooms filled with wonderful displays in one of the original factories once the biggest factory in the World Tile Industry.
  5. Coalbrookdale Museum Of Iron – View the fantastic works that made the Ironworks of Coalbrookdale the most famous in the world.
  6. Museum Of The Gorge – Visit this museum to discover the history of the Ironbridge Gorge. Also view what Ironbridge Gorge was like back in 1796 with a huge 12 meter long model of the town.
  7. Darby Houses – Take a step inside the house of the Darby family, the Coalbrookdale’s Quaker ironmasters, view rooms of the house packed with original furniture to discover what living life was like.
  8. Tar Tunnel – Visit the Tar Tunnels of 1787 and where workers struck a stream of bitumen which to this day is still seeping.
  9. The Ironbridge and Tollhouse – Discovery how and why the Ironbridge was built whilst having a wander around the beautiful small town of Ironbridge.
  10. Broseley Pipeworks – A chance to discover the abandoned factory and home of a once popular clay tobacco pipe makers in Britain.

Ticket Prices

Admission into the separate museums are priced individually, prices can be found here but there are annual passes which can be purchased either online or on entry to a particular museum.

The annual passes give you unlimited access to all 10 museums over a 12 month period but do not give you access to major events for example, Halloween or Bonfire. Prices for annual passes are as follows:


Annual Passport Tickets

(1 Adult)


(2 Adults)

Adult 60 Plus Child
£48.00 £65.00 £24.00 £19.00 £15.25


When We Intend To Visit

I shall be carefully planning our visits to ensure we can get the most of our visits to each location, from time to time most of the attractions are not running a 100% capacity (due to seasons, and tourists). We have been granted 12 months to visit all 10 attractions so this shall give us more than enough time to ensure we can make the most of our visits.

We shall begin our visits to Enginuity one day in the Half Term holiday as there is an event being run to create Spooky Flappers creatures in the run up to Halloween.

We are really looking forward to visiting all 10 of the Ironbridge Gorge museums and sharing our days out with you all.

**This is not a sponsored post, this post is based on our future visits to Ironbridge Gorge Museums. All words and opinions are my own.

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