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I Love Being a SAHM

As some of you know I’ve recently being getting my hands stuck into being a working mum, going to work at my husband and mother in laws business.

This Afternoon whilst on the bus, I typed these notes on my phone which I want to share.

  • I love watching my babies grow up, although they are no longer babies, they will ALWAYS be my babies!
  • I love hearing Lewis’s end of school day news, although I wish Lewis wouldn’t talk so much!
  • I love watching my kids play nicely together, although I wish they wouldn’t wind each other up so much!
  • I love watching Leah blossom from a baby into a child.
  • I love watching Lewis go from a child to school boy.
  • I love watching both my children play using their imagination.

Even though I enjoyed my first session at work on Tuesday for 3 hours, I really missed my kids and when I finished I struggled to settle back into being at home as I then needed to catch up with housework and couldn’t play like I usually do. I was also so scared I’d miss something really important whilst at work.

I hope in time I’ll settle into being part of the family business either that or I’ll be allowed to stay home (hint hint). I know whilst I worked ClearlyDaddy really enjoyed his time with our children but I missed them and our routine so much and I hate falling out of routine.

The trials and tribulations of life….

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  1. TK

    2nd October 2013 at 9:50 pm

    I can understand how you feel. I spend almost all day with my son and I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise! Hope you find a balance, though!

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