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Shop Around For Insurance Quotes

Over the past 6 months my husband and I have learnt value of of having decent vehicle insurance. At the end of 2012 our car had a few faults which having had it “fixed” resulted in a major fault at Easter of 2013.

Prior to having our major fault we received our insurance quote from our previous provider, quoting us DOUBLE what our last years premium was. This sparked us to change our insurance provider and having shopped around we found out we could get a much better deal and this also included breakdown cover at the SAME monthly cost to what we previously paid.

Shortly after our new policy came into force our car suffered its major breakdown and we were fortunate enough that we could have a wonderful man arrive in a florescent yellow suit, from a well known breakdown company come and tow our vehicle to a garage of our choice (can you tell I don’t know which company it was, it either began with A or R, eek!).

Having not changed our insurance provider when we did would have caused such a massive headache getting our non functional loved vehicle to a garage for repair.

We are incredibly impressed with our new motor insurance, we got a fantastic deal even if we hadn’t had the breakdown cover included. We have replacement vehicle cover, legal aid and many other things included.

So to ensure you have the best deals make you check for better insurance quotes when ever your Car, Van, Classic bike insurance  etc renewal comes through.


There’s always better out there!


*This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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