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Oxo Tot 4 Piece Dining Set : Review

Are you currently weaning your baby?? Does your toddler like to attempt to use a fork or spoon but looses most of their food over the side of their plate?? Do you need bowls with lids to store half eaten meals for your child to return to in a little while?? How about self feeding friendly cutlery for your child??

I have the answer!!


Recently Leah has been testing out a 4 Piece Feeding Set from the wonderful people at Oxo Tot and its made mealtimes less stressful for her now that she finally has some friendly equipment to use.

Items included In the set are;

Training Plate

The training plate provides a curved edge to the rim of the bowl, helping your child to guide their food onto their cutlery with less mess. The rim is also detachable so as your child grows they can continue to learn to eat from a normal plate. It also features a non-slip base so that your child doesn’t end up chasing their plate around the table.

Large Bowl with Lid

Again as like the training plate, this bowl features a non-slip base. It is high sided and a perfect size for your little ones cereal or puddings. The bowl also comes with a lid, of which I find handy for storing uneaten food to be picked at later or storing portions ready to be eaten at the next meal time. We recently used this bowl and lid to store snacks for my children on a day out.


Fork & Spoon Set

These utensils are perfect for any training baby or toddler, they are wonderfully sized and shaped. I find the deep spoon shape on both the fork and spoon really help training children to scoop up their food, especially when it comes to one of my daughters favourite foods, peas! This set also provide non-slip handles so if your child rests their cutlery on the side of their bowl/plate it won’t slip.

This set really has given my daughter confidence at meal times, so much so if I accidentally serve her meal in the wrong bowl or don’t provide her new cutlery she will refuse to eat or will start making a mess again due to lack of confidence.

This set is available to purchase online, direct from Oxo Tot at a really good price at £17.87 and I feel it is a wonderful kit for your weaning baby up to a fully table trained child.

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  1. Rishi

    14th September 2013 at 11:20 am

    Lovely set and cute photos. Well written

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