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Our First Week Back In The Midlands….

Well we’ve now been back in the Midlands for 8 days! This is been a really hectic week of cleaning, unpacking, parcels, installations, gardening and DIY.

The most major highlight to our week was seeing lots of friends again, Thursday brought the visit of most of the March 2012 babies and Friday was Charlotte, Lewis’s friend. We also got time on Friday to visit Telford Town Park where we saw the new Splash Park and had a play on one of the many playgrounds.

Couple of the March 2012 Babies playing on the trampoline with Lewis.

Leah pulling funny faces

The new Splash Park at Telford Town Park, hoping the weather warms up again before the Autumn so I can take the kids for a play in this!!


Its been really nice to see friends again in the Midlands and hoping to see more of people now we are back.

The kids are also really enjoying seeing their families again and Lewis has seen a lot of his Uncle Chris, Nanny and Grandad. Lewis is also really looking forward to going to school next week and meeting new friends whilst I’m looking forward to our new routine.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    1st September 2013 at 9:20 pm

    @Red Rose Mummy Thank you hun. I’ll still be coming over from time to time. Sam has said if i can get about by train to events I should be able to go still so long as he can get to Lewis to pick him up from school 🙂

  2. Red Rose Mummy

    1st September 2013 at 4:17 pm

    So pleased your first week back has gone well. Even though we’ll miss seeing you at events now you’re sooooo far away 😉

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