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Bedroom Decorating

I can’t believe I’m showing off my bedroom in its current state, i’m horrendously ashamed of its current condition but will show you various bits that desperately need work o

We’ve lived in our new rented house for 3 weeks now, it was left in an awful state by the previous tenants so we are slowly working our way through the property tidying it up so we feel better about it.


As you can tell from pictures above, there is a feature wall in this room, I think the wallpaper is awful, really not to my liking at all. There are white marks all over the walls where the previous tenants filled holes and just left them and they attempted to repair a curtain rail on which the moment we touched it, it broke!

So we have some work to do to make the room presentable, firstly by completing the incomplete work left by the previous tenants. Then we intend to take down the wallpaper and repaint the whole room magnolia (a colour we actually like and landlords favour).

After the work is completed we would love to replace some of our furniture in our room, starting with this product from ‘Bedroom Furniture Solutions’.


I’ve always liked these beds, especially with the base that sticks out further than the mattress. Not only that the bed is on hydraulics so that the mattress can be lifted with plenty of storage underneath.


Also I’d like to finally get rid of our awful canvas wardrobe, because we’ve moved house frequently over the years I bought a canvas wardrobe because it was cheap and easy to dismantle for a move. But now we intend to stay put, our next move will hopefully be when we can afford to buy our own property.

Also we’ll probably need to get a new carpet, something I don’t want to go spending lots of money on with it being a rented property so we’ll see about that.


I really can’t wait to get our bedroom decorated and save my pennies for a new bed!


** This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.


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