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Walkers Mighty Lights : Review

Mighty Lights are the new ridged crisps from Walkers. A tasty, more healthier crisp for your child’s lunch box and perfectly timed ready for the new school year!

For our review we were given all 3 of the multi-packs to try, Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese and Onion.

I find the packaging very appealing to young children, especially ones that are regularly motivated to eat healthily to become “big and strong”. Lewis immediately pointed out the motif on the packaging and asked me “Will I be big and strong eating these mummy??” and began showing me his muscles on his arms.

Having tasted all 3 varieties, I feel these are the best ridged crisps available. The flavourings are not too strong at all and when you bite the crisps I don’t find any sharp bits stabbing me in the gums like other varieties. I feel this is a good point to make with these crisps as I’d be worried about them hurting my children’s gums and causing them distress.

Important Stuff

Walkers Mighty Lights contain 30% less fat than their standard crisps, making these a perfect filler for your child’s lunch box and are also made from real potatoes. They contain no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG and are a good source of fibre. Also all varieties are suitable for vegetarians.


** This is a sponsored post for Walkers Mighty Lights. All opinions are my own… and my kids!

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