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There’s Now 5 Days Until We Move……

Now with less than a week until we move, i’m becoming more and more nervous. I’m not sleeping right and i feel more and more fidgety.

On Friday I collected the keys to our new house, and to say we are not pleased is a huge understatement. Upon arriving at the house and opening the front door (which took a few attempts – first damage) I was just amazed in how much of a poor state the previous tenants had left the property. When we viewed the property I informed the agents that the house was in an incredible state of uncleanliness and how the garden really needed some maintenance. I was informed this would be taken care of to the best ability of the landlord.

But honestly, when we walked into the kitchen, the best way I can explain the attempt at cleaning is the muck was spread about and the pipes were repainted.

I really do fail to see how; A – tenants can be refunded their deposit for leaving a property is such a poor state and B – how a company can let out a property in such a poor state, talk about ruining the company reputation!

On Sunday afternoon, myself, ClearlyDaddy and my Brother In Law spent 3 hours cleaning the kitchen, utility, dining room (which will be the kids playroom) and hallway… 3 hours, 3 people. I can only begin to explain the amount of filth we found in this property!

What also upsets me is that for a no pets/no smoking property I found an immense about of cat hair, nicotine in the kitchen draws and scrubbed the kitchen sealing of nicotine also. Also when you repair damage to walls, you fill the holes, sand the filler down and then paint over, these scumbags had just piled filler onto the walls and left it!!!!! How one EARTH could these people of received their deposit back?!

ClearlyDaddy has since emailed the letting agents explaining all the issues and providing photo’s for them as evidence and as yet received no reply. I don’t wish to sound snobbyish or anything but not even council tenants receive properties is such a poor state, fact!! Yesterday we also spent £75 on cleaning products and various DIY products to start putting this property right, over coming months we’ll be spending more on redecorating and carpeting.

In our email we requested a months free rent to have this property worked on and put back into a decent living standard which I feel is very fair and hope that this will be agreed so that I can afford to put this property right quickly. Only time will tell….

In the meantime, the children and I are packing up and getting ready to leave Lancashire whilst ClearlyDaddy and his brother frantically get our new property into a liveable condition for us to enter on Saturday.

Wish us luck…..





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  1. DaddyGeek

    19th August 2013 at 9:28 pm

    I used to be a landlord, and manage 200+ properties for other people – so this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    Chances are, previous tenants didn’t get their deposit back. Very few ever do (in the years I spent doing it, I refunded deposits only a handful of times – though usually it was because of rent arrears).

    Most landlords now have significant negative equity, and most (though not all) tenants vacate owing money. Some tenants even strip things out of the house before they do a midnight-bunk. I had one tenant that stripped everything – kitchen sink, entire plumbing (for the copper) – even the laminate flooring and lightbulbs!

    It’s far more common than you would expect, and even ‘professional’ tenants can be just as bad. An awful lot of people simply don’t care about a house they don’t own.

    So, a landlord will obviously want to spend as little as possible and do as little as possible before the next tenant moves in.

    Usually the best route is to do the negotiating before you sign – you’ll never get free rent, but you may get either a reduced deposit, or a reduced monthly rent (say £50 off on condition you’ll do the necessary improvements).

    That said, once you’ve been in there for a year, you’ll probably find they’ll bend over backwards to keep you happy – a good tenant is hard to find!

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