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The Big Move Is Now Complete

On Saturday we packed up our lives and left Lancashire for our big return to Telford and finally today we managed to get back online so I can now report back in to you all after our move.

Saturday was to be an incredibly long day, we’d finished loading up at the old house for about 10:30am and set off to Telford, were we arrived at about 2pm. We spent the remainder of the day unloading, unpacking and preparing for the evening. Fortunately I managed to get a good chunk of the kids rooms completed so that they were settled for the night. Also by bed time both children were exhausted an slept perfectly, I on the other hand had a really bad nights sleep and was exhausted by the morning.

Sunday was another morning of unpacking and organising before spending an afternoon with family at my mother in laws, it was nice to spend some time away and have some time off.

Monday was a day to attack the garden, and set the kids toys up prior to ClearlyDaddy going back to work. We completely attacked all the hedges, weeds and mowed. Having a nice tidy garden really has done this property a world of good.

Tuesday was another day for doing some organising, but I didn’t do too much as wanted to spend some time relaxing and playing with the kids.

Today has mainly been getting new internet, phone and TV set up whilst also doing various cleaning tasks around the house.

During our time here we have also met our neighbours, both neighbours have children of Lewis’s age and whilst one of the neighbour’s also has a child of Leah’s age too. I’m hoping over time Lewis will become good friends with the new neighbours. But for now one of the neighbours is away on holiday and Lewis is already missing Harvey! Harvey also will be going to school with Lewis, he’s in the year above but at least they can play together in and out of school.

We are slowly getting settled, kids are enjoying our new house and I’m liking being back near family. Also looking forward to seeing good friends tomorrow and their children and getting Lewis to school in the coming week.

Once I feel my house is in more of an tidier state I will share some pictures of the house with you. But for now, we are all good, all happy and settling nicely.

Thank you everyone who commented on my previous house moving post “Right This Is It – We Move House Tomorrow” all the comments were lovely and really helped me when I was feeling so nervous and scared about moving.

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