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Sodastream Genesis Limited Edition : Review

Recently we were sent a Genesis Sodastream in a Limited Edition Night Spirit Volcanic Red to test and review.

I’ve never owned nor tasted a Sodastream product until recently so I was very excited to construct our machine and put it to the test. Setting up our machine was really simple, following the instructions we simply put the gas canister in place until we heard it “click” and we put it in its base and we were off!

First of all we made a Diet Orange as this is sons favourite fizzy drink at the moment. To make the carbonated bottle, you fill your bottle up to the water maximum line and screw the bottle to the Sodastream machine.

Then in short bursts, press the silver button at the top of the machine to release carbonate gas into your bottle. Do this for a total of 3 times, or until the machine buzzes at you (to signal fully carbonated). Then release the bottle from the machine by tilting the bottle forward again and unscrewing it from the stand.

Once you have done this, then you can add your concentrate syrup to your bottle. There are 3 sizes of sodastream bottles, and there are 3 lines to fill the cap up to. Once poured into your bottle, replace the cap and gently tilt the bottle to mix.

And there you have it, a completed, gorgeous, refreshing Diet Orange drink… drooling?! I know I am!



For our review we were provided with 4 flavours to try out. Cream Soda, Cherry, Diet Cola & Diet Orange.

One thing I have noticed between the non diet concentrates and diet, is the liquid is rather thick. To mix the non diet you only have to tilt the bottle to mix once, where as with the non diet you have to tilt the bottle a fair few times to get it fully mixed.

All flavours are really nice, my favourites are certainly the Cream Soda and Cherry. Where as my sons favourites are Diet Cola and Diet Orange, so our pack we were provided were a complete hit!

On our recent grocery shop, we bought no fizzy drinks and instead bought syrups to make more of our favourite sodastream flavours whilst also trying out new flavours.

As part of the set we also received a cocktail pack, I am looking forward to trying this pack at a later date whilst trying out some alcoholic recipes. A post to follow with my alcoholic recipes at a later date.

The machine we were provided with is a Limited Edition Genesis, Volcanic Red, priced at £79.99 and each of the soda concentrates are priced at £3.49 each.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Sodastream and flavours for reviewing. All words and opinions are my own.

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