Our Holiday In Hartlepool

Day Seven

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day, a nice way to end our holiday and enjoy some family time seeing as Lewis was finally on the mend. The plan was to meet Sam’s cousin and wife for breakfast at 9.15 and then spend the day on the beach.

That wasn’t to be…..

5am I woke up and felt HORRENDOUS, I was ill now, I was achy all over, cold, feverish, shakey and felt awful. I immediately went on the search for painkillers and returned to bed. I then resurfaced at 8am, everyone else was still asleep so had to kick everyone into gear and get everyone ready to get out for 9am.

ClearlyDaddy and Leah woke no problem and started getting ready whilst I woke Lewis. He was difficult to wake up, really took a couple of minutes to actually get any sign of acknowledgement from him. Finally he woke, and I found out why he wasn’t for waking up.

I couldn’t believe it, just as I thought “fantastic illnesses over” there’s now 2 people ill!

We had to cancel our breakfast arrangement and took Lewis to the Urgent Care centre in town to get looked out. We later came away with Penicillin, eye drops and another course of antihistamines.

We then returned to the caravan for lunch. After lunch and naps, Lewis was feeling ok (apart from being blinded in his right eye) and wanted to visit HMS Trincomalee again so ClearlyDaddy took the kids there whilst I got some more rest, I was slowly feel worse and worse.

The kids return trip to HMS Trincomalee

In the evening Sam’s cousin and family walked from their house to our camp site for an evening meal (chinese takeaway – again!) and let the kids play. We had a lovely evening, illnesses aside and I kept my distance trying to ensure that I didn’t share my germs.

I never did get to visit the beach by our camp site during the holiday.

Our Return Trip

I woke up on our last morning feeling no better what so ever, fortunately most of the packing had taken place the day before whilst ClearlyDaddy and kids were out playing pirates again (I was suppose to be resting). All we had to do was get our remaining bits together, load the car and we could set off.

We were done for 9am, by which point ClearlyDaddy and I were rather hungry to decided a McDonald’s breakfast was called for, then we hit the road.

On our journey home, we visited a little village called Kirby Stephen, we had a walk down by the River Eden and let the kids have a play.

Leah enjoyed the rocky shore.

Lewis throwing rocks into the River.

We then had a wander around the village, bought a couple of gifts and had some lunch at a cafe before returning home.

A beautiful picture to end our holiday.

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