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More adventures – Being a temporary lone parent


Today we spent the day at Knowsley Safari Park on a PR Event with Jungle Dogs, Lewis enjoyed his time playing with his friend Noah whilst Leah enjoyed her times running out of the doors and trying to escape! It was a hectic 2 hours, until finally Leah fell asleep half way through so I was able to spend some time talking with people and spending time with Lewis.

Afterwards we drove around the Safari Park, Leah sat in the front of the car so Lewis could have free reign of the back to look at all the animals, he had a fab time!

It was a fun but long day, followed by rushing home to cook tea and clean up in time for a house viewing at 6pm.

Leah was a little late to bed but fell asleep about 8pm, Lewis was awake till about 10. Infact I think we both fell asleep at the same time! I needed the early night!


After being wonderfully treated to a lie in, we began our day at 8.20am. Kids had breakfast and baths and we were all ready for the day at 10.30. Its good we were in no rush! We spent the remainder of the day doing bits of housework, playing and popped to the shops.

Lewis is also starting to enter my bad books, his constant cheek, telling me and Leah what to do is slowly driving me insane. He’s really learnt the knack for answering back these past few days.

Although I’m probably making it sound easy, its very tiring. Keeping 2 kids happy, running around after them, keeping house spotless whilst prepping to start packing is very difficult, not to mention doing all of this 100% alone!

I really can’t wait for all this to be over!

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