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My Baby Boy Has Finished Pre-School

Dear Lewis, 

I really can’t believe it, not only are you now 4 years old but your also 6 weeks off starting Infant School!

Yesterday was your last day of Pre-School, really I don’t think you understood it was your last day but over the next few days I’m sure it’ll sink in. You know your medicines, suncream and sports bottle all came home so hopefully that’ll help you understand.
You will miss Pre School alot, you made some lovely friends and regularly talk about Mason, Adam and Charlie. You will also miss Maureen, Katie and Crystal (your key workers) but your becoming a big boy now and its time to move on.

You are very aware you go to big school in 6 weeks, you also think that you are going to the school by our house which for now we are playing along with. What you dont fully know yet is that you are going to a completely different school in a different county. But what will help you understand and accept is that you’ll be close to your Nanny, Grandad Mick and Uncle Chris again who I know you have dearly missed since we moved away.

(For those who don’t know yet, we are on the move, all details behind are move can be found here – Were Moving House Again.)

As I type this blog to you I am sat in Nanny’s garden and you are trying to help Grandad Mick and Uncle Chris light a BBQ,  I tried to explain earlier that we’ll be moving back close to Nanny and Grandad shortly but you misunderstood and thought we were moving to the house behind!

When we get moved and get you into a new school I know you won’t have any problems making new friends and I know everyone will love you cheeky little ways. I just hope moving and starting school so close together won’t cause too many issues but mummy will be by your side holding your hand all you way, forever!

You are really ready for your new adventures in “big school” and I know you are such a brave boy that you will embrace your new adventure to the max and love it.

Love you always and forever






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