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Chris Moyles in Jesus Christ Superstar

Ok, hands up moment… When I learnt to drive I was 17 (10 years ago!), I worked full time and when journeying about, mainly to and from work I was an avid listener of Radio 1. I always listened to the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show, the true saviour of Radio 1!

Back in Summer of 2012 I was absolutely devastated to learn the saviour was leaving for pastures new, what was I to do about morning my radio?!? By this point in my life I was a mum of 2 young children, my radio listening hours had been dramatically reduced and replaced by childrens TV (mainly cbeebies).

As I am now an active follower of Chris Moyles on Twitter and am completely aware of his work with Jesus Christ Superstar since leaving Radio 1. The original tour of UK took place shortly after him leaving.

Legendary rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar with Lyrics by Tim Rice and music Andrew Lloyd Webber also featuring Tim Minchin as ‘Judus Iscariot’, Melanie C as ‘Mary Magdalene’ and my morning saviour Chris Moyles staring as ‘King Herod’. Also not forgetting the winner of ITV’s Superstar, Ben Forster staring at ‘Jesus’.

Following on from the huge successful tour of Jesus Christ Superstar back in late 2012 at the London O2, a second tour was arranged. Primarily this was arranged for Wednesday 13th March 2013. But due to huge success rates following tours across the globe extra dates have been arranged in Australia, Europe and the USA. Subsequently the 2nd tour at the London O2 has been pushed back until Sunday 13th October 2013.


Due to the change in dates people unable to attend the new dates have been offered refunds and all available tickets are now available for new dates.


So don’t miss out on your chance to purchase tickets to see the amazing show before its gone for good, book your Jesus Christ Superstar tickets now!!!!


**This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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