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Were Moving House Again!

As some of you already know (from my twitter time line) we are on the move again, I’ve finally got round to sharing our reasons why.

For people who don’t know, and are now thinking “what on earth is this crazy lady on about?!” Here’s some background information.

When I was 19 I left home to live with Sam. I am originally born and raised in Leyland, Lancashire.

Living in Shropshire we had a lot of family and friends which we saw frequently. When I had Leah I made 5 wonderful friends who all had babies no more than 3 weeks before me having her. We saw a lot of each other, sometimes as much as 3 times a week, it was brilliant. We also saw other friends outside of this group. We had a brilliant times.

I also suffered with depression whilst there too, post-natal depression after the birth of Lewis and topped off with grief of losing a child only 18months later. When Leah came into the world I prayed I’d never have to visit post-natal depression again and thankfully I didn’t! But I could never shake the negativity of being there after all that had happened.

Throughout my 8 years living in Shropshire I had always wanted to move back to Lancashire, as I felt incomplete and felt I could do better in life back “home”. I always lived by the theory “I won’t know unless I tried it”….

Moving “Up t’North”

So back in November 2012 we packed up and moved from Shrewsbury, Shropshire back to my home-town Leyland, Lancashire for a less stressful and more relaxing life. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly have that now being here… probably a little too much if I’m honest! Sam easily got a job and we all settled into our new life well.

But our social lives have taken a complete hammering being back here, we see no-body and we don’t really do much either. We’ve not made any friends and I no longer see the friends i had before moving away. Seeing my family is difficult due to their work as they work 6 days a week.

Sam works 5 days a week, mainly takes the car too as he works in Blackburn (15miles from home) so the kids and are left rather transport-less throughout the week. On the odd occasion we do have the car we have to be up and ready to leave the house for 7.30 to take him to work so then we can have our day out.  Sam also finishes work at 4.30 which is slap bang in the middle of the children’s tea time so when we pick him up I’m always taking the kids for a McDonald’s for their teas on them nights, this makes me feel bad. Its all incredibly hard work, especially with 2 children and Lewis about to start Infant School. I’d dread to think how I’d actually manage this when Lewis is actually in School, it wouldn’t be manageable.

I try to ensure that the kids and I get out everyday, even if its just to the local playground. Luckily our local playground is close by and very good, the kids really enjoy going.

Sometimes we take a walk into town but that always involves spending money, which we don’t have on one income. Also going to other local towns (i.e. Preston, Chorley or Blackpool) cost a bit to get to, its cheaper to get about by train but often awkward. I also hate going “just for a wander”, especially now with 2 children. So occasionally (every 6-8 weeks ish) we manage to get to Blackpool for a day out with some money I’ve saved especially. See my other blog posts; Day out in Blackpool, Part 1 & Part 2. Next time I intend to take the kids to the museums in Manchester or perhaps the York Railway Museum.

Lewis does go to Preschool 3 days a week 9am-2pm so that gives him a decent bit of socialising which I am glad for. Leah also goes to a playgroup for an hour every Thursday morning.

The only opportunity I actually see someone is usually my friend Tina (TheMotherGeek) from Manchester or I stand in my garden with the kids playing out and talk to my neighbour. I’m being so serious, we see absolutely nobody else!

I don’t even manage to get a soft play centres any more (which we went to a lot in Shrewsbury) as there are non local. We could get the bus but I reckon that I’d need about £15 for travel, access and no doubt refreshments/lunch as they wouldn’t allow me to take food in with us prepared at home. So I’ve never ventured to one yet which I hate not going.

So even though I now have this less stressful life I’ve always wished for in my home town everything else is completely suffering. We now have no money, no transport, no social life and no fun!

So it’s with a very heavy heart that we are now returning to Shropshire, with ALOT more prospects for us all!

Full reason’s for our return

Although we are returning to Shropshire, we shall be living in Telford not Shrewsbury.

Sam and his mum are going into business together, with the occasional help (interference!) from me. They are buying an existing and well established Dry Cleaners local to Telford. Ever since meeting my husband and family they have always been Dry Cleaners, Sam is extremely trained in this field of work and really has not enjoyed being away from this industry.

Also we will be returning to our social lives with friends we have maintained contact with throughout being away, even my “Yummy Mummy’s” which I talk to a lot still through Facebook are looking forward to our return and Sam back with his best friends which he went through his school years with.

Lewis also desperately misses his Nanny, even though we haven’t told him that we are returning he will be happy to be going back to see his Nanny a lot more. Leah’s still quite young to fully understand but she also loves seeing her Nanny too!

We now have a bit of a rush on our hands with all this, as Sam and his mum are ready to walk into this business in the next couple of weeks but we currently 95miles away from it! I’m frantically house hunting but I’m desperate to find the ideal/most affordable house to rent as I really do not intend on moving again for sometime or until we can actually afford to buy our own place. Houses that are also ideal for us (location/size/garage) also get snapped up very quickly, its a very eager market!

Not only that, with Lewis due to start school in September I want to get moved before school starts so that he doesn’t have to attend 2 schools and can just start one school and make his new friends from there.

Also added into the equation is that we go on holiday in a fortnight for a week, so that’s going to put most of it on hold whilst we are away… Although I will be continuing my daily search on Rightmove.

Nothing like a rush eh……




  1. Beth Twinderelmo

    29th July 2014 at 6:56 am

    Ooooh a dry cleaners you say….!

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      29th July 2014 at 8:32 am

      Yup… based in Newport. Owned it for a year nearly now :o)

  2. MrsShilts

    16th June 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Good work on getting it all written down. It’s always great to unload and get it all down on paper (or on the blog) I think you’re doing the right thing. You sound like you’ve got lots going for you down in Shropshire and it’s always better to try something and learn from it rather than not do something then regret it.

    Good luck with the move xx

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