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Non Rechargeable Batteries vs Rechargeable Batteries

Recently I have been getting very annoyed with the amount of batteries my son is chewing up in his remote control cars, he currently has 2 battery powered cars. I’m finding most of the wear is coming from him leaving them switched on after using them but also they do get alot of use elsewhere.

For many years I have had a battery re-charger pack so decided to polish the dust and cobwebs from it and put it to some use. So off I went to purchase rechargeable batteries.

I purchased 2 packets of Energizer AA batteries, gave the first pack a charge that evening for the next days use so the others could charge the next morning.

Since then we have been using rechargeable batteries in my sons favoured car, his Lightening McQueen which is proving to be a big hit now that i’m no longer running out of battery supplies for this toy. I am charging one set of batteries whilst another is in use!

I believe this a very cost effective (and a less headache) way of keeping my sons car in supply. Even though the batteries are more expensive than non rechargeable batteries to purchase in the long term they are less expensive as they provide a very long usage and only take a matter of hours to charge.

I will be purchasing more rechargeable batteries in the future for other toys!

Goodbye Non-Rechargeable batteries!


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