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My Son Has Hayfever

This may be a bit of a pointless post but I need to do it, as I’ve never suffered hayfever and I’m quite upset that Lewis is suffering really bad.

Over the past week Lewis has been sneezing a fair bit and telling me his nose feels funny. Immediately I started him with Piriton allergy medicine as I had some in the cupboard and thought I’ll see how he goes before getting a prescription from doctors to get more.

He started the medicine about 10 days ago now, since then he progressively got worse with it until Tuesday (2pm) he came home from preschool in a complete state with it. His eyes were really itchy, nose hurting him and he felt awful and run down with it. I called the doctors and they informed me there were no appointments until the next week, of which we were away on holiday so I took Lewis to the pharmacy across the road to see what they could offer to help.

At about 3.30pm, £7 later and with a bottle of eye drops for allergy suffers we returned home. We were told these should provide some relief but Lewis needed to see a GP as the Piriton wasn’t good enough for him and he needed a different medicine. We tried to eye drops right away but Lewis screamed, told me the drops were hurting his eyes and got really upset with them.

He’s never had eye drops before so for this to happen mortified him and he got in a right mess. It took me about 30mins to calm him down after using them by which point he’d fallen asleep on the sofa.

Because of the hayfever wearing him out I just let him sleep, and I woke him up about 1hr later. It took him a while to come round but eventually sat and ate his tea as it was coming up for 5pm.

After he finished his tea I’d noticed lewis’s eyes were getting rather red and angry looking, initially I put this down to the hayfever/tiredness. I gave him his last dose of Piriton for the day. We needed to go out food shopping at this point so we just carried on with our evening.

Keeping my eye on his eyes by 5.30 his face was a mess! Around his eyes were all swollen and bruised looking and his eyes were really red. I’m wishing now I’d had taken a picture but I was quite horrified and didn’t even think to. Lewis wasn’t complaining he was in pain any more, nor uncomfortable, infact his was more interested in eating a bag of midget gems so didn’t probe him to upset him. Sam and I decided we’d watch him and if it wasn’t looking any better by our return home we’d seek medical advise.

We got home about 6.45pm, put the shopping away, got his sister to bed and Lewis ready for bed. By this point his eyes were looking less angry so carried on with our evening but monitoring him.

He’d clearly had a reaction to the eye drops. I find it quite funny now, knowing my son had an allergy reaction to the eye drops which are designed to provide relief to allergy sufferers. Weird child! lol

Having had his earlier dose of Piriton I believe that helped with his reaction to the eye drops which I’m now very glad I gave him.

Lewis went to bed rather late that night having slept earlier in the day, I had to go to bed with him at 10pm to get him to settle.

Next morning, Leah woke up as usual with the birds and Lewis just slept and slept. Because of all Lewis’s suffering the night before I was rather upset and desperately needed to help him so decided to call the doctors again and force an emergency appointment out of them for later that morning.

I woke Lewis’s up, his eyes being a lot less angry but still looked bruised and after giving him some breakfast I carted him off to the doctors.

Lewis’s left eye all unhappy – please excuse the mess around his mouth, he’d just had breakfast!

Once there I’d told the doctor about everything from the night before and showed her the eye drops.

She prescribed a different medicine, Loratadine and a weaker strength eye drops mainly for conjunctivitis sufferers to provide a bit of relief.

Lewis by this point even though looked a state to the face he asked to go to Preschool as normal, so off he went whilst I collected his prescription and had a friend come round for the day.

Later the day we collected Lewis and he seemed quite a lot better, I know the pollen count was lower yesterday due to a cooler and breezy day which was a relief but by last night Lewis’s eyes were red again!

This morning we started Lewis’s new medicine as and I also gave him his eye drops which he seemed fine with after the initial shock as I have to store them in the fridge.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning to the end of his awful suffering.

Having never suffered hayfever, my husband does and rather bad. So I now follow his trends/symptoms and will be relying heavily on Sam to find the high pollen days and low pollen days to help lewis will his allergy.

I really do wish I could do something to stop Lewis from having this, even if I could take it off him and he would be hayfever free I’d do it! But having spoken to a few people, cruel as it sounds, i believe now its best they get it whilst young so they learn to live with it and cope better rather than getting it in their teenage/adult life.

Although my husband also has Asthma so I’m now left wondering which child will get that! lol

Watch this space….


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    27th June 2013 at 11:43 am

    @TK Thank you hun, i believe a couple of days for the medicine to get into his system and he should be alot better. He’s a tough cookie and he’s doing very well. Thank you x

  2. TK

    27th June 2013 at 11:33 am

    Sorry to read about what your boy had to go through. Hope he’s better now!

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