Mummy and Kiddies Day Out in Blackpool! Part Two

After returning to Blackpool Prom we found a bench to eat our lunch, the wind was rather blustery and chilly but nice and refreshing so we sat happily and enjoyed out sandwiches. My lovely husband made our picnic for our trip, within 20mins Leah had eaten her sandwiches and Lewis had eaten his and most of mine!! I was left with scraps haha!

Lewis found some children to play with whilst i was tidying up and getting Leah off for her nap and i sat and watched him for 20mins whilst deciding where to go next.

We’d only come out with the plan to spend the day at Blackpool Tower but due to having to pay to visit different areas of the building we bailed after the Tower. So i was torn between visiting the Sealife Centre or Madame Tussauds.

After discussing it through we Lewis i decided to go to Madame Tussauds based on the fact that we’d visited Sealife Centre Manchester only 48 hours earlier.

We were soon amazed by our decision!!

Madame Tussauds

After paying our entrance fee (I went free again!) we walked through to the first room, “Big Night In”. A room full of Celebrities you’d see on Saturday night TV etc. For example;  Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, Jeremy Kyle, Susan Boyle, Keith Lemon, Bruce Forsyth and many others.

Lewis at this point become completely freaked out, but soon began to realise that these people were not real and were made of wax. But he was still unsure on going hear them.

After letting him have a good luck i got some good pictures of him with the wax works.


Next we went through to the “Lifestyle TV” area where we saw Gok Wan, Jamie Oliver and Alan Titchmarsh. Then we went to the “Crime Drama” area and saw Helen Mirren, David Jason and John Thaw.

We also had a group Mugshot taken, were we lined up and held caption boards to describe ourselves. Lewis has Noisy, I had Nagger and Leah had Little Princess. I had Leah’s sign strategically balanced on her pram as she was asleep and it looked so funny and cute! I was really looking forward to seeing our result picture but Lewis held the picture too high and we were unable to see his face so that ruined our line up. I was offered to have the picture retaken but Leah was awake again at this point and it looked fab when she was asleep.


Next we went to the “I’m a Celebrity…” & Bush Tucker Trial area. Today they had a real Bush Tucker Trial area where we could sample safe Tucker. They had Scallops, Anchovies, live mealworms, mussels, crispy seaweed and other bits. Lewis dived straight into the crispy seaweed and i had a mussel.

I then sat Lewis with Ant and Dec and a plate of bugs, Lewis hated this as he thought the bugs were real but thankfully sat long enough to let me take a quick picture.

There was also another room with another Bush Tucker Trial in called the “Hell Hole” the room was rather dark and Lewis didn’t want to put his hands in the holes to see what was in them and i had to follow him out of the room quickly as he ran off.


Next we entered the “Football Changing Rooms”, where Lewis attempted ‘Sit-Ups’ with David Beckham and had a picture with Wayne Rooney. We also saw Gary Lineker.

The next area was “Sports”, i immediately headed towards Lewis Hamilton (Yes, i named my child after him!! – Story for another day!) where Lewis gave me Thumbs Up. Also we Saw Phil Taylor, Tiger Woods and Rick Hatton.


Then we walked through to the “Coronation Street” set, Lewis straight away went to pull a pint with Bet Lynch. We also saw Deidre Barlow and Hilda Ogden.


Next was my favourite area “Music”! There were lots to look at here, Britney Spears, Jamiroquai, Tom Jones, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Shirley Bassey, Peter Andre and Lady Gaga. These wax works are made to real height of the star, i was really surprised just how short Lady Gaga actually IS! Shes about 5ft!

Lewis also had a go with the drum kit… guess what he wants for his birthday!!!

We also had a quick visit to the area where they explain how the wax works are made and how much work goes into them. Its amazing just how they are made. Lewis was amazed at the Hand wax works area but there was a long queue and Lewis didnt want to stand still.


We then entered another “Celebrities” area, where Lewis met The Queen and Will & Kate. We also saw Jessica Ennis, Jane Horrocks, Joanne Lumley, Barbara Windsor, Morecambe & Wise and the Beatles.

Next was another photo opportunity after following a mirrored maze, Lewis was rather freaked out, so was i slightly as its really disorienting but was good fun. The next photo we had to sit on a giant deck chair and wear silly costumes, hats and glasses. By this point Leah was awake and wanted to climb all over this chair which was such a good laugh. Lewis wore a hate and bright yellow shutter shades, Leah wouldn’t wear a hat so played with a giant beach ball and i wore huge purple star shaped glasses and a striped coloured hat. The photo was nice but i was more interested in our Mugshot photo as it had more of a comical value to it.


We then arrived at what should have been the kids favourite area, “Family Favourites”. Leah was happily walking around but when she saw Bob The Builder she FLIPPED and couldn’t run away quick enough! After a couple of minutes she calmed down and started walking again but i was still unable to get her to go near him, Lewis was perfectly happy to have a picture with him. Lewis wasnt too sure about getting to close to Spiderman or Shrek (he was HUGE!!!!!) but after a bit of coaxing he soon stood by him for a picture.


The last area was “Comedy”, stars included Russel Brand, The Two Ronnies, Alan Carr, Dame Edna, Tommy Cooper and Ken Dodd.

Overall we had an absolutely fantastic day out, both children had a blast! Would recommend visiting BOTH Blackpool Tower and Madame Tussauds to anyone visiting Blackpool.

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**This is NOT a sponsored post, its based on a day out in Blackpool with my children. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    9th June 2013 at 1:00 pm

    @Red Rose Mummy id never been before. Im going to look into visiting other Tussauds attractions around the UK! Im massively impressed! !!

  2. Red Rose Mummy

    8th June 2013 at 9:25 pm

    This looks like so much fuin! The Blackpool waxworks have improved loads since Merlin took them over it seems.

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