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Center Parcs June Challenge – Summer Hideout!

Since I’ve entered into the blogging world I have been following the challenges for the Tots100/Centre Parcs Family Blogger competitions. I’ve never been brave enough to enter, either because I’m too new or just I have a REALLY bad imagination and no sense on creativity whatsoever.

But when I saw this challenge I just had to embrace it. June’s challenge is to construct a “hideout” or a den as my 4 year old knows it.

For my sons 4th birthday he was given camouflage netting, tarpaulin and various army type toys/outfits. So we decided to put all of this to good use and make Lewis his den.

So here is our entry into the Tots100/Centre Parcs Family Blogger June Challenge;

First we put screws in the end of 3 beams of wood to help stabilise the roof of our den and then measured out where to put the beams and hammered them in. Then we found a spare tarpaulin from the garage and using pegs we hammered the mat down to provide a floor to the den.

Next using the Tarpaulin for our roof we used an electric drill to fix roof to the fence, the roof can also be removed as I have used the metal holes in the tarpaulin as our guide to provide the best fit. Then we attached the camouflage net to make the walls and the perfect hideout.

The den is fully collapse able to prevent the den from being damaged in bad weather.

Next we got creative, using rocks we found in the garden and branches from an old tree we chopped down a few weeks ago we made our own camp fire. Lewis really enjoyed building this, and wanted to cook his tea on it.

Lewis then brought a deck chair into his den and declared his den complete. He’s incredibly made up with it. “I love my house Mummy”

He even had his tea in it……

When we made Lewis’s hideout his sister was napping, since waking Leah has fully embraced her brothers hideout…. the only problem is that Lewis has started getting stroppy and I regularly heard his shouting “No Leah this is my house!!!!!”

I’m wondering when I can convert this into his new bedroom, I don’t think he will complain at all being a Shropshire born lad, they all love the outdoors and camping!

Thank you for reading.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    25th June 2013 at 9:05 pm

    @MotherGeek *beams* Thank you hun. Lewis will love showing Sam and Syd tomoz xxxx

  2. MotherGeek

    25th June 2013 at 8:02 pm

    AMAZEBALLS! *that is all*

  3. Rebecca Bodkin

    25th June 2013 at 6:25 am

    @AtoZ Mummy im rather proud of myself. Lewis is also prpud of his “house” haha. Thank you x

  4. AtoZ Mummy

    24th June 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Wow that’s awesome! My 4 year old will absolutely love it 🙂 Good luck with the competition!

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