Walkers Hoops & Crosses : Review

When i received my email from Tots100 asking if i would like to review Walkers new crisps Hoops and Crosses i absolutely jumped at the chance, this is my first official product review request from a company! Thank you Walkers!!!

We missed delivery of our parcel on Saturday so went to collect it on the Tuesday morning. Lewis was at preschool at the time so brought the parcel home to give to him later in the day.

First Impressions

Whilst waiting for Lewis to return from preschool i sneaked a cheeky peek.

I was surprised how much effort has gone into putting all this together, i just expected to receive a brown box with some crisps inside!

Even our Cheeky Chimp gave me a wave as i opened the box!!

Important stuff

There are 3 varieties of Hoops and Crosses, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Roast Beef. All varieties are suitable for vegetarians.

Hoops and Crosses are a corn crisp, not a potato crisp and are a good source of wholegrain. They also do not contain any artificial colours or preservatives. Per Bag (18g) contains 85kcal.

The Big Reveal

I gave Lewis his “post parcel”, he was really excited to open it.


Lewis had a good read of his book before opening the hatch to meet his Cheeky Chimp and his crisps to try and soon gave the chimp to his sister to have a cuddle.

The Taste Test
First of all i was a little skeptical as Lewis doesn’t enjoy similar crisps like these (i.e. Monster Munch) but he was really excited to give these a try.

Lewis really enjoyed these, even Leah liked her crisps too! I was fortunate enough to be offered A crisp, just one though!!!

The kids even made their own patterns with the Hoops and Crosses….. Well Lewis did, Leah enjoyed getting her hands on more to eat!


And before i knew it i was presented with one of these…….

Overall a very VERY enjoyable snack, we will be looking forward to purchasing and trying the other flavours!


** This is a sponsored post for Walkers Hoops and Crosses. All opinions are my own… and my kids!

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