My Song To Make Me Drive Happy

Driving on my own being able to listen to my favourite song on full blast is something i can’t really do anymore, now being the mother of 2 children i spend most of my drive in conversation to my eldest or the radio on.

My favourite song to make me drive happy is something i spent every morning listening too on my way to work, before i had children i would listen to this after dropping my husband off at work. After having my eldest i would drive slowly to work once i’d dropped him off at nursery.


I am by no means embarrassed about my choice of song, but when i drove around i had to shut all the windows in the car. I’m embarrassed about my singing voice because i just HAD to sing along, i even know all the words and i sung loud!

This song also takes me back to my school days, I had a friend who was a really good singer and she use to sing this song so it also reminds me of her and i wish i could sing this song just as good!

My favourite all time Song To Make Me Drive Happy is:

Whitney Houston with her Mother Cissy – I Know Him So Well

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