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Mealtime Dilemmas – Leah’s Eating Habits!

As some of you know from reading my twitter timeline, I currently own one very fussy eating Daughter. Leah’s eating habits are giving us a cause for concern.

I’m slowly starting to lose the will to live with her. The foods that I knew I could get into her she’s stopping eating cue even more frustration!

Leah can be fiercely independent even to the point I am unable to spoon-feed her at all now. She has to do it all herself and will only use fingers for other meals. I have tried offering and showing her how to use a fork but she just loses patience with it and throws it on the floor!

What does Leah eat

Breakfast: This is thankfully her best meal of the day, it doesn’t matter what I serve her she’ll eat. This can be Cheerios, Shreddies, Porridge, Toast, Crumpets or Toasted Teacake. From what the Health Visitor told me is that all these breakfasts contain vital vitamins & minerals. 

Lunch: This is where I encounter most issues of the day as she always becomes hard work. Sometimes Leah will eat a cheese sandwich, but it’s not too often anymore. Failing that its cheesy toast, crackers or a Heinz Powder meal, usually Chicken and Veg which is her favourite. Or some of the meal ideas from Tea.

Tea: We have a few combinations for her evening meal, mainly consisting of Fishcakes, fish fingers, pancakes, chicken nuggets (very rare!) and a few bits of veg, mainly Peas.

Snacks/Puddings: She enjoys only a few bits of fruit and veg. Melon being her favourite. Banana’s, cucumber, peas, carrots and occasionally broccoli she enjoys too. She enjoys her biscuits and chocolate but I keep them really limited as I don’t want her filling up on them and relying on them for meals. Leah also enjoys yoghurts and ice cream.

Leah's eating habits are concerning us. But she always enjoys a good yoghurt
Leah enjoying a yummy yoghurt

Leah recently has become a bit hooked on pancakes, of which if we are having a bad food day I will serve them for her tea. I’ve thought of replacing pancakes with an omelette but I highly doubt she will eat it, and I cant cook omelettes without the fire alarm going off!

Leah won’t eat any types of pasta what so ever, either plain or with sauce! This annoys me no end because pasta is slower to digest and will help keep her fuller for longer and we all as a family really enjoy pasta meals. Except Leah!

Leah also only has 2 bottles of milk a day, one first thing in the morning and one before bed. I stopped her afternoon bottle once she became fussy as i felt this was filling her up too much for her evening meal and causing problems.

I took her yesterday to be weighed at the baby clinic as i’ve been concerned that due to her lack in food consumption and variety would be causing her problems and lack of weight gain. Thankfully all my worries were short-lived, Leah’s gaining weight perfectly and even though she doesn’t eat much, the foods she does eat thankfully fall into each important category so there’s no need to be too concerned.

I’m fairly sure this is a phase of her childhood she will outgrow eventually. For now, I need to keep plodding along and trying new things with her that hopefully, she will enjoy more soon.

Leah’s eating habits have become a major problem in her life, I blog about it frequently. Check out the Kids archive on my blog to find out more.


  1. Rebecca Bodkin

    8th June 2013 at 2:07 pm

    @Helen Neale thank you Helen. Unfortunately leah is teething, 4 molars appeared withint 2 days the other week and her eating has gone from bad to worse. I know she will get better at eating but I jus feel so bad for her at times. Its horrid. Thank you so much for reading hun x

  2. Helen Neale

    8th June 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Hi there – just popped over from the weekend blog hop, and so sympathise with you. Fussy Eating can be a major problem, and such a pain – patience though as you say, just persevere even with the foods that she hasn’t been eating. The French believe we need to try things 10 times b4 we can truly say we don’t like something! Perhaps she is also teething too? Guessing she is just over one so that might be the case, in which can it may just pass. Keep at it, and I am sure you will get there though. Good Luck!

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