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Trip to the Beach – Lytham St Annes!!!

On Friday 17th May I took the kids out for the day, mainly to get our car MOT’d at a garage in Lytham St Annes that my dad goes to. So whilst over there I took the kids to the beach as the weather was nice.

An afternoon at Fairhaven Sands – Lytham St Annes.

I parked up and paid for our parking for 2 hours, wasn’t the cheapest of car parks either £2.10 it cost me. Then we hit the beach with the kids. I do like the beach here as it doesn’t tend to get overly busy as its away from the tourist bit in Blackpool. This made for a lovely stroll with the kids.

Kids on the beach at Lytham St Annes

Leah hasn’t been to the beach since she was 6 weeks old, so theoretically I’m classing this as her first trip as all she did last time was sleep! Leah loved the sand, shells and stones. She also enjoyed playing with Lewis’s truck and chasing him up the beach. Both kids really had a good play.

Kids on the beach

Further up the beach, I attempted a bit of beach art, whilst Lewis attempted to make a “train track”. Apparently his picture is of a train travelling along the track! Then we had a quick sit down to play in the softer sand, Leah just saw this as an opportunity to climb.

Beach Huts

Beach huts of Lytham St Annes

After leaving the beach we came across these new beach huts, all equipped with kitchen facilities and electricity. These can be hired for a daily rate of £45 per day or purchased for around £40,000. An improvement on the huts I remember seeing here as a kid.

Swan protecting its next and eggs

Further up the prom, there is a mini marina, next to the RNLI building. The water doesn’t hold any boats but there is plenty of wildlife, paddle boats and water balloons which all operate at weekends during high season. We came across this Swan sitting on a nest, it was all blocked off by bollards to protect the animal and small fingers from trying to get too close. I was pleased how calm this animal was with people walking past so close by. I wonder if that’ll change when the eggs hatch!

Off the beach entertainment

There is plenty here for a good afternoons entertainment as well as the beach, quite a bit is currently under construction before high season properly starts. There are a couple of playgrounds, trampolines, mini-golf and a miniature railway. There’s a couple of cafes, ice cream huts, pub and amusements.

On the way towards the playgrounds, there are 2 “disused” train carriages, 1 is now a cafe and the other a small souvenir shop. Lewis bought a little ice cream van car which he now loves, makes a change from his usual truck.

After leaving the shop we decided to make our way back to the car, we came across a small pond. It was beautiful, surrounded by rocks and walkways. This is where I took the picture below of Lewis sat in a rock cave by the pond. There was also a small family of ducks with their babies (the first baby ducks I’ve actually seen this year!)

Lewis by the duck pond.

All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon at Lytham St Annes and we will be returning once its warmer, sunnier and all the attractions are open!

Nearby there is another lake which holds a small supply of watersports. Sadly, we didn’t have time to visit this today but we will be doing on our next visit.

We do love our days out and adventures. We also like sharing them, find out where we get to here.

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