Yoomi 8oz Feeding System : Review


This review i have been meaning to complete for some time, heres my thoughts on the Yoomi – 8oz Feeding System


I first acquired this feeding set back in August 2012, back whilst Leah was mostly still being bottle fed. 

The Feeding Set consists of:

  • 1 x 8oz bottle* with orange collar
  • 1 x warmer
  • 1 x charging pod

The Yoomi Feeding Set is perfectly ideal for use on travel or use as a night time bottle.

*The bottle supplied with the set is a Slow Flow Teat (provided as standard). To complete my review i have purchased a set of Fast Flow Teats


To prepare your feeding set for use:

  1. Wash all items (Bottle, teat and warmer) in soapy water.
  2. Sterilize all 3 items as per your usual sterilization procedure.
  3. Once sterilization complete, wait for your warmer to cool down.

Then you have to charge your warmer, there are three different ways to charge your warmer.

  1. Boil – By placing your warmer in a pan of boiling water for at least 25minutes, charging your warmer by this method also provides extra sterilization.
  2. Electric Steam Sterilizer – this can be achieved by running your sterilizer for 25minutes continuously, this method also provides an extra sterilization method.
  3. Microwave – by placing your warmer in its charging pod and using the microwave guidelines below to charge the warmer. Between Duration 1 and Duration 2 you have shake the warmer in its pod for 30 seconds.

My preferred method for charging the warmer was by microwave as it was quicker and simpler.

Once your preparation methods are completed (above) prepare your baby’s bottle by your preferred method.


Using the Yoomi Feeding Set

Once your baby’s read for a feed you can activate the warmer by pressing the button (Shown in image above). Simply just wait 60 seconds whilst warmer reaches temperature to warm your babys feed.

Leave the warmer in the bottle during feed as the warmer warms your baby’s feed whilst drinking.

Here are some specifications provided by Yoomi:

  • warms feed in 60 seconds
  • breastmilk temperature every time
  • portable, ideal for feeding on-the-go or at night
  • naturally shaped teat for easy latch-on
  • unique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colic
  • rechargeable warmer (150 Uses!!)
  • 2 minute charging pod (compatible with 750-1000 watt microwaves)
  • 100% BPA free
  • all yoomi parts interchangeable across the range

I must say i found this set extremely useful on long days out (when my pre warmed feeds were now cold or run out), this is because the warming pod for the system held its charge for a long time. Also i used it in the night so i didn’t have to go downstairs to warm a feed, it was already sitting ready to go in baby’s room.


The feeding set can be purchased from Yoomi.com for £23.50 at the moment (Currently down from £24.99) and the additional teats are £4.50 for a pack of 2.



Thank you for reading.

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