Summer Infant 3 Piece Oral Care Set : Review

Ever find getting a tooth brush into your babies mouth a nightmare? Feel like to you have to constantly fight to brush her teeth?? We all know just how important oral care is in infants, so I think I have the perfect solution for it.

Here, try this!

The Summer Infant Oral Care set consists of 3 items, Gum Stimulator (Left), Finger Brush (Centre) and a Toddler Toothbrush (Right).

At the moment we haven’t used the Toddler Toothbrush, this will be used once my daughter is older.

I find this is a wonderful set, the Finger Brush is ideal for brushing her teeth and she can also bite my finger without it hurting. We quite often make a game of her biting my finger on purpose just so it makes brushing easier and more fun.

Once we have finished brushing i hand Leah the gum stimulator to chew on for a while, it acts like a teether and help provide a bit of a relief for nagging teething pains.

Perfect little set, very impressed!

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