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Restricted TV Challenge

Last week I decided that I was going to try a challenge with my children, something rewarding and make it educational. A restricted TV challenge, cutting down the dependency my kids require on entertainment from the TV.

I am always conscious that the TV in my house spends too much time on and it’s not always watched it can be just on for background noise. So much so we’ve become dependent on it.

Leah is still quite young, and if a program comes on that she enjoys she gets up close to the TV to watch. I worry this could eventually damage her eyes and set her on a path to becoming dependent on the TV.

One of the reasons I decided the restricted TV Challenge needed to happen.
Too much screen time

Lewis will watch the TV for hours on end, especially if his favourite film is on; Madagascar. But if he’s watching TV he wants food to eat too.

So from Monday next week starts our new challenge, I’m limiting how much time the TV is on to encourage the children to play together or on their own.

As I type this we are actually testing out how it will work, the TV is currently off and the kids are playing with* each other in the living room.

We are quite an active family, I like to be out with the kids at the park/doing fun stuff but for keeping them entertained in the house I’m stuck. If anyone can suggest things for us to try I would be grateful.

Let’s see how long this will last…….

*screaming at

Follow our journey on the Restricted TV Challenge here.

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  1. MotherGeek

    28th April 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Good luck! We’ve been trying to do this too. It’s HARD lol x

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