Restricted TV Challenge – Day 1 – My Plan

Kids nowadays become too dependent on watching TV, I think equally parents become too dependent on it providing entertainment (or just background noise) for a childs day. I am planning to replace the TV with either music or just good old family play. Heres how I plan for our restricted TV Challenge day one to pan out…

7-9am TV was on but kids were having breakfast, getting dressed for the day also.

9-onwards. TV off and we play.

10-30/11ish leah naps and due to a bad night we all join her

Lunch – TV back on for an hour or so

1ish – park depending on the weather (looks wet!)

3ish back home to play

4-30/5pm ish TV on again for tea time

After tea – TV off until after changed for bed (usually about 6.15ish).

6.15 – TV back on for leahs bed bottle then bed

TV will most likely remain on for the rest of the day/evening.

This may look alot to some people but to us this will be a miracle if Lewis can cope without TV. I also need to prevent Lewis going to his room to watch a dvd in retaliation!

Report back later but not a bad start to our restricted TV Challenge!

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