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Restricted TV Challenge – Day 1 – End of Day Report

Well the end of day 1, I think it was rather difficult but slightly rewarding. Find out how we got on with the Restricted TV Challenge Day 1 Report.

I expected problems with Lewis when I told him it was 9 am and had to turn the TV off. But he was happy to turn the TV off, this really surprised me. Leah wasn’t too phased by it at all.

About half an hour later things slowly changed, Lewis was completely winding Leah up. Leah doesn’t like sharing her toys and when Lewis tried joining in all Leah would do is scream. For those who have met my daughter, she has the largest lungs going and the highest pitched scream in the universe!

I needed to distract Lewis quickly and separate them.

I asked Lewis to help me load the washing machine, this is something we do quite frequently without problems. Leah soon followed and also wanted to help. 2 people loading a washing machine with a set of little hands half unloading at the same time really doesn’t go well I can assure you. I had to pick Leah up and let Lewis load the machine alone, he didn’t mind this thankfully. He even managed to sort out the detergent and softener with my assistance.

Whilst I had both children in the kitchen I decided to whip out the bubbles machine. This did provide a lot of entertainment for the kids for a good half hour, that was until Lewis emptied the mixture all over Leah’s legs!

Playing bubbles in the kitchen - Restricted TV Challenge Day 1 Report
All the white marks on the floor are from the bubbles… i made the mixture a little too strong! (Whoops!)

Once I got everything cleaned up and Leah changed it was nap time, she was shattered and asking for her bed. Because we’d also had a bad night I decided that Lewis and I would have a lie down also. 10 Minutes later, Lewis was sparked out too but I was wide awake!

I decided then to come back downstairs and read my book. 2 hours later, and still 2 sleeping children I had to go and wake them up.

It was 1 pm by this time so we had lunch, the TV was on during lunch but turned off again after I had cleaned up and done a few jobs that needed doing.

With the TV off we then played games in the living room for an hour before going to the playground. We didn’t stay at the park for long as it was very windy and very cold so came back home to play in the garden for a while.

Whilst I preparing/eating Tea (4 pm) I put the TV back on for the kids to watch so keep them from trying to help me in the kitchen. The last thing I needed was burnt hands! The TV then stayed on until about 5.30 which was then bath time.

After that the TV stayed off until 6:40 whilst getting Leah calmed down for bed, this was useless. She was so wired up to play the TV was ignored.

As I type, the TV is still on now, but both kids are now in bed.

I feel quite happy that the TV has been on less than usual but I need to do more to keep the kids entertained to prevent Leah from screaming so much.

For the next 3 days, Lewis is at preschool and from Thursday PM onwards we are away visiting family in Shropshire so the TV will be less than today.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be keeping the TV off once Lewis gets home from Preschool (2 pm) for the afternoon until Tea time.

Let’s see……..

Follow our journey on the Restricted TV Challenge here.


  1. Becky @ lakes single mum

    30th April 2013 at 7:48 am

    I started turning TV off at 6:30 to play games instead with my 9 & 6 yo. Yesterday with eldest away and son swimming TV was only on from 8am-8:30 before school! I did watch one iplayer programme on ipad in evening. Lovely not to have it blaring 🙂

  2. Bex

    30th April 2013 at 7:59 am

    Thank you ladies. TV will be on alot less for the next 2 days with Lewis being at preschool. Its going off again in 10mins (when leah’s finished sharing her wheetabix with the walls!). Kids can play before taking Lewis. X

  3. Red Rose Mummy

    29th April 2013 at 10:19 pm

    How funny that we’ve started this on the same day. I will look forward to reading your progress.

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