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Lewis Samuel Bodkin – Cheeky Little So an So

So… the first week at nursery is over with, he’s really having a good time and making some new friends. Each week the children come home with a little cut out teddy bear in their bags… the idea of the bear is for parents to donate £1 to the nursery towards new toys, facilities etc. Kinda cheeky, but hey ho, it’s a £1 a week.

So I just put Leah down for a nap and thought me an Lewis will tend to this bear.

Mum: Lewis, will you help me either this bear and we will sellotape £1 to him?
Lewis: yes mummy, give me a minute

I at this point thought nothin of it and went to the kitchen to get the tape and the £1 for Lewis to stick to the bear.

Lewis at this point walks into the kitchen, his arms laden FULL of teddy bears.

Mum: Lewis, what are the bears for?
Lewis: for me to stick all the £1’s to for me to keep

…………. Cheeky little so n so!

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