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Lewis got his 1st choice school!

Back at the end of November 2012 when we moved back to Leyland I was aware I had to put in an application for Lewis’s school placement. I thought I had tons of time left. How wrong was I?! The application dates were already open and due to close sometime soon afterwards. Here’s how we got Lewis’s 1st choice school.

Lewis celebrating his 1st choice school at Worden Park sand pit

Finding the right school

I immediately got in contact with the 3 local schools in my area to find out when I would be able to attend an open day session to have a look around. I was informed by all 3 schools I’d missed all 3 sessions. Thankfully 2 of the 3 schools said they would gladly do a 1-to-1 session with me to show me around as they understood my situation with just moving back to the area. Sadly they wouldn’t be able to do anything over the Christmas period and would gladly show me around after the New Year. The 3rd school I was extremely unhappy with (this was Lewis’s 3rd choice school, a school I am very happy to have left 3rd choice, to be honest!) as they wouldn’t do a 1-to-1 session with me, even after New Year!

With the cut off for applications to be completed by the 15th January, I could only make appointments to speak to Heads of the schools for Friday 11th January and Monday 14th January 2013. This didn’t give me a lot of time to decide and complete my application. But by then I have read up on the schools and spoken to various parents in the area so had a pretty good idea what school I wanted to have as choice 1 and 2.

School 1

The first school I visited was the one right on my doorstep, Lever House Lane Primary School I was really surprised how advanced this school was and how clean and tidy it also was! This school prides itself as a forest school fully getting children motivated in the outdoors. They are also rather technically advanced too, they have lots of the “apple” equipment and they are looking at introducing all children into owning an iPad to do their homework on. I’m not overly keen on this idea due to me being an “android” user and I couldn’t trust Lewis to look after an iPad either yet. But time will tell on this issue!

School 2

The 2nd school i visited, Farington Primary School reminded me more of the days when i was in school, not as updated but still very organised and clean. Lovely teachers and students.

Overall both schools are perfect and both schools OFSTED reports are perfect too so this made my decision a little tough. In the end, I chose Lever House Lane School as choice 1, Farington as 2 then the terrible unfriendly school as 3. Praying Lewis didn’t get this choice!!

Anxiously Waiting

After the closing date, I immediately regretted choosing Lewis’s 3rd school choice. I soon because anxious that Lewis would get chosen for this school, I hadn’t seen it AND it failed its Ofsted report. This bothered me right up until I got his result, it would just be my luck he got this school.

2months on (and 10 severely bitten fingernails later)…..

Arrived the day of the 16th April 2013, I raced Lewis to preschool that morning to drop him off. I wanted to log onto the Lancashire CC webpage and see if Lewis would get his 1st choice school. We desperately wanted this result.


I’d spent 2 months waiting for this and they wanted me to wait another 8 hours, I was a wreck.

So I wasted the day away cleaning up, playing, making food, then going out for the afternoon. Picking Lewis back up from Preschool on the way home.

Much, much, MUCH later on, 5 pm FINALLY arrived!

Lewis got his 1st choice school!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say now, nearly a week on my fingernails are starting to grow back :o)

Sometime after this blog post, I put together a simple guide for finding the right school for your school. Whether it be starting primary school or secondary school that are the next steps on your child’s journey. I hope these posts will be of some use.

Read more about the trials and tribulations of family life in the family life section of my blog.

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