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Leah Rebecca Bodkin – Birth Story

I thought it was about time I blogged about Leah’s arrival into the world… seeing as she is now nearly 12 weeks old ALREADY!!! Where on earth has the time gone?!

As most of you know with Lewis he arrived at 37+1, so I eagerly anticipated the arrival of Leah and expected her to arrive at around the same gestation, if not earlier… this was so not the case!!!

The little madam decided she would arrive 6 days LATE, I was due to be induced at 41wks so when I woke in labour at 40+6 I really couldn’t believe my luck – my first natural labour.

I didn’t tweet much during labour as it all happened way too fast.

This was the only tweet I could manage, little did I know I was only 1 hour and 7minutes away from holding my baby in my arms.

I woke at about 3am that morning with what I thought was tummy ache, I decided to take a cocodamol and went back to sleep shortly after.

I woke again at 5am, this time the pain was slightly more intense so I lay awake and timed the pains at this point they were about 11minutes apart so I stayed in bed but couldn’t get back to sleep.

At 6am and the pains being about every 8mins apart but more intense by now I woke hubby who sat with me for a little while. Shortly after I rang the MLU explained what was happening, explained how fast my last labour was they said I could go in to be examined. Because of my worry I demanded that Lewis came to the hospital with us and his Mum come over to meet us there to look after Lewis.

We arrived at the hospital just after 7am, pains coming more and more intense and about 4mins apart, hubby parked in the drop of/pick up bay. Just as I got out of the car I had the biggest contraction yet, luckily a nurse was passing she shouted saying she would get a wheelchair and I remember Lewis saying “Baby’s coming Mummy”. The nurse was lovely who pushed me in, she helped reassure Lewis and he stayed so so calm!

On the MLU I was taken to a side room as both of the labour suites were being cleaned as they were used during the night, my Midwife Emma introduced herself to me and asked if a trainee could join her which I didn’t mind at all – I live by the theory that they need to learn one way or another. The trainee nurse Tracey I had met twice during my pregnancy, once at my 31week home visit and again at a check up at 37 weeks. I didn’t want to be examined whilst Lewis was in the room, Emma was fine by this so they monitored me and the baby to start with until Lewis was collected by his Nanny. Eventually (at about 8am by this point!!) I was examined and informed I was 2cm dilated, Emma agreed with me that I could stay on the ward for an hour or so to see how I progressed and I was offered some pain relief (Meptid) which I graciously accepted!

From this point I am very sketchy with times, all I remember is soon after being offered a birthing ball which REALLY kicked up the contractions up a gear. Then being finally moved to a labour suite and Tracey running me a bath – I had intended on a water birth but the pool was shut due to a recent cleanliness/bacteria failure.

I requested to be examined again as the Meptid really wasn’t helping at all and being told I was 4cm (at about 9am ish), bring on the gas & air!!!!! I sucked on that like nothing else mattered!! Emma said she would start making plans for Pethidine to be given to me, which I requested alot earlier on.

I carried on bouncing away, plodding around the room and trying to eat a banana, I’d not had chance to eat so was very aware I needed to eat!!

Roughly at about 9.20/9.30ish I thought I’d attempt the bath as I thought I’d be hours away from holding my baby, before I attempted to climb in the bath I had a sudden urge to poo (TMI!!) and I slowly made my way to the loo (which was in my labour suit… not the other side of the ward – thankfully!!!).

I remembered this urge when I had Lewis and it soon became apparent that I didn’t need to poo, I actually needed to push!!

Tracey was in the room with me and OH at the time, she soon shot off to fetch Emma, when Emma returned I was climbing up onto the bed, she FINALLY had pethadine with her! I was given the pethadine between contractions the next contraction I could feel baby moving down…. So the pain relief was no good, and too late!!!!

Within 5 pushes Leah was born, Friday 23rd March at 10am, weighing 7lb6oz.

Minutes Old

2 Hours old

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