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Graco Evo Mini : Review

I would like to share my thoughts on the Graco Evo Mini which has been loaned to me from The MotherGeek.

Firstly I would like to thank Tina for giving me the opportunity to test and review this product.

Graco Evo Mini Review

My Thoughts

When I was shown the Evo Mini I was really amazed at its size. It folded neatly and it has a clip to hold the pushchair in its folded state. To unfold the Evo Mini all you have to do it loosen the clip on the left side of the pushchair (shown below) and then simply holding the handle, unfold until it clips into place.

Graco Evo Mini Folded
Graco Evo Mini Folded
Graco Evo Mini Unfolded
Graco Evo Mini Folded


Overall this Graco Evo Mini pushchair is extremely lightweight (only 6.2kg) and very slimline. I find it makes this pushchair very easy to push one-handed, leaving the other hand free to hold the hand of my older child.


This Graco Evo Mini pushchair is exclusively available to Mothercare only, and is available in 2 colours; Grenadine (Orange/Red) & Latigo Bay (Blue, of which my review is based on)

Colours of the Evo available
Left; Grenadine – Right; Latigo Bay


The Graco Evo Mini pushchair offers multi-position seating, where you can have the pushchair at whatever position you and your child find best by adjusting the strings on the back of the seat unit.


The seat provides a 5-point harness. I find this a little fiddly due to having to attach the shoulder strap to the waist strap before clipping into the center clip. This has to be done every-time prior to strapping your child in. The shoulder straps also have cushions around the child’s neck/shoulders which are well padded helping to hold in place which I think are a really good idea and provide comfort to the child at all times.

Graco Evo Mini 5 point harness

My daughter also really enjoyed her nap in the Evo Mini.

Baby napping in the Graco Evo Mini

The Basket

Another BIG positive to this Graco Evo Mini pushchair is its basket. For such a small, agile pushchair the basket is as much as anyone could ask for. You can fit the rain-cover folded up in it and still have plenty of space for shopping or change bag.

Graco Evo Mini Huge Basket

Even with the seat fully reclined there is adequate access to the basket.

Graco Evo Mini Seat reclined


The rain-cover for the Graco Evo Mini is easy to fit and fits perfectly. The only slight niggle I have about the rain-cover is to clip it by the front wheel you actually have to wrap your hands around the wheel for 1 clip to meet the other but other than this its a good rain-cover.

Fitting the raincover on the Graco Evo Mini
Plenty of space when the raincover is in place

Because I do a lot of walking I prefer to always keep my rain cover pre-installed ready to hand “in case of emergency”. Folded back over the hood of the pushchair it is ready for use at any time.


To fold the Graco Evo Mini pushchair and lock it without unfolding itself. The seat needs to be fully reclined. Then sliding the clip across and pushing the grey button the pushchair can be folded.

How to fold the Graco Evo Mini
Graco Evo Mini Pushchair folded

Folding the pushchair with the rain cover installed or even in the basket can be a little tight and sometimes impossible. The best way around this is by turning the front wheel of the Evo Mini outwards and this gives the perfect closure.

Last bits to mention


The hood is a perfect size and provides adequate coverage of your child.


The brakes are good, once they are on, they are on. The only thing I keep finding is I occasionally accidentally kick the brake when walking, sometimes causing it to come on when not required.

Fitting into the boot of a car

I like to class the size of the boot of my car as the average family car boot (it’s a Renault Megane) as you can see the Graco Evo Mini pushchair fits perfectly with LOTS of space left over. I am fairly confident that it will fit in a small boot (as small as the Peugeot 107).

If you are at all concerned about any Mini pushchair fitting in the boot of your vehicle Mothercare will assist to ensure it fits in the boot of your vehicle. 

Using whilst on public transport

Due to the small size and the pushchair being so lightweight it really makes travelling by public transport a complete breeze. I have used this pushchair a fair few times now on the bus and it has made its first journey on a train also.


  • Big basket
  • Compact fold
  • Multi-position seating
  • Secure brakes
  • Large hood
  • One-handed fold
  • Plenty of height in the seat for growing child
  • Ease of access to the basket when the seat is fully reclined.


  • Keep kicking brake on
  • Fiddly straps to secure baby in
  • Awkward fitting for rain cover on the front of the pushchair

Overall this is a wonderful pushchair and I’d give it 4.5/5.

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** This is not a gifted review or in any way collaborated with Graco. I was loaned this product by another blogger who said I could also review it. All words and opinions are my own. This blog post may contain affiliate links.

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