Blogs Up North Meetup – Legoland Discovery Center – 14th April 2013

Today we were very fortunate to be invited to the Blogs Up North monthly meetup at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester.

As I’ve barely been blogging i was made to feel very welcome by everyone, we met a lot of new people and cant wait to meet up with everyone again!

The day was so much fun, Lewis was really in his element as he is just getting into Lego.

We started by meeting in the Legoland Shop for 11am, signing ourselves in with a very helpful young man at reception. Once a few more people arrived we started our tour of the Lego Factory with Professor Brick, i thought this was slight overpacked but Lewis really enjoyed getting involved with the making of Lego Bricks by jumping around and shouting.

Lewis in the factory

After the tour of the factory each child was given a small brick as a souvenir.

Next was the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, I didn’t go on this as Lewis wanted his Daddy to go with him so i stayed with Leah. Lewis enjoyed shooting all the targets.

After that was the Lego Miniland, filled with various landmarks from the UK. Here are a few.

Blackpool; Tower, Winter Gardens and Ferris Wheel from Central Pier

Manchester Town Hall & The Wheel of Manchester, Ironbridge Gorge (from my Hubbys hometown, i had to include this!), Manchester Piccadilli Train Station and Alton Towers/Oblivion.


Then it all opened up into a huge room with lots of different attractions in, Cinema, Cafe, Lego pit and Various rides.

Here are some pictures from Lewis adventures from the day.

Riding on the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride (With @LakesSingleMum and family), building Lego cars to test on the tracks, playing on the Forest Pursuit Ride, building a Skyscraper and setting an Earthquake and riding on the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride.

Overall we had a fantastic day, Lewis cannot wait to return again!!!

Read more about our day out and adventures here

** This is a review based on my day out at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester. We received free of charge access for our visit. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Bex

    30th April 2013 at 8:01 am

    Thank you Nas. X

  2. Nas

    15th April 2013 at 10:18 am

    Fab post 😀

    Love the layout and the way you’ve presented it! Makes my blog post look dull lol.

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