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Lewis’s 5th Birthday

Dear Lewis,

Another birthday, another blog letter to my birthday boy. I can’t believe you are 5 already, the years are just flying by and you are growing into such a beautiful boy.Recently you have become rather fond of playing with Lego so it only seemed fitting that you had more Lego to fuel your desire as presents. You got a new Lego board to build houses on, a Lego storage box and 2 Lego PS3 games. You were really a happy boy!

Lewis Birthday 1

Next event on your birthday celebration list was to spend 6 hours in school, not something we shall rate highly on your events lists for the day but all in all you had a great day, you took sweets to share with your class friends and lots of people said Happy Birthday to you too.

Before the arrival of your birthday we asked you if you wanted to have a party of which you said no, you have never really been one for having a party full of attention drawn to yourself.

I arrived a little early at the end of the school day to get you and 4 of your class friends changed in to smart party outfits, you were all a little confused by this arrangement but you were promised a surprise and a surprise you got! As we walked out of the gates of school a limousine drove perfect timing around the corner and you were instantly amazed, still unaware this was for you. It was only as Mummy said a lovely Happy Birthday, this limousine is for you and your friends to have a small party in did it slowly sink in. After about 5 seconds of silence you turned to me and asked “is this really for me Mum?”, “yes Lewis” you instantly turned to your friends “its for me, its for me, ITS FOR MEEEEEE!!”. There was no stopping you then. The memory of your surprise expression will be with me forever.

Lewis Birthday 2We hired the limousine for an hour to take you and your friends for a good long drive before dropping us off at McDonalds for a party tea. The hour just flew by with dancing, balloon throwing, lots of music, sweets and drinks.

Lewis Birthday 3You absolutely revelled in the excitment of hiring the limo followed by a McDonald’s tea afterwards, not too much fuss pointed directly at you which just about suited you perfectly.

During the last year our lives have changed for the better, we returned to living in Shropshire, you started school of which you have met some lovely and amazing friends and you have grown into a lovely caring boy.

I am truly glad you have enjoyed your special day and we look forward to more birthday fun over the weekend. with your Nanna, Grandad and Great Grandma visiting on Sunday.

Love you always


Mummy xxx


  1. Steph

    14/06/2014 at 11:14 pm

    Happy Birthday to him, sounds like he really enjoyed his day xx #WHWH

  2. Red Rose Mummy

    13/06/2014 at 11:23 pm

    Happy Birthday Lewis. Glad he has had a wonderful day xx

    1. ClearlyBex

      14/06/2014 at 7:36 pm

      Thank you hun. He’s talked non stop about his Limo ride all day. Asked when it would be his birthday again as he wants another ride! haha

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