Leah's Luscious Looks

I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog, involving my Daughter and her ever expanding wardrobe. I love buying new clothes for her, weather they are frocks, outfits, the odd “top or trouser” or even charity shop bargains. I really cannot help myself.

Now Leah is in aged 2-3 clothes I like to buy more clothes for every season for her as I know she’ll get the best part of a year out of this new collection and also she will be starting nursery soon so she’ll need a slightly larger wardrobe than usual so that she has spare clothes with her for accidents.

To help with my new feature Mothercare have offered to be involved by providing Leah with 2 new outfits for her to wear and review. We have tested these outfits over the past couple of weeks and here is our thoughts;

Baby K

Mothercare White Sparkle Canvas Boots – £12

Mothercare Lace Turn Over Top Socks – 3 Pack – £4

Baby K Pink Leopard Print Party Dress – £25

I really must say this party dress is lovely, made from 100% cotton but has a slight silky look and has 2 under-layers to the skirt which provide a bit of “flounce” it too. It is a button fasten up dress of which the buttons are located on the back of the dress and also has 2 lovely bows on the shoulders. The dress is loose fitting so your child doesn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it and with it being knee length it provides adequate room for growth.

Fortunately we have had 2 “party” occasions recently where Leah has made fully use of being able to show off her new dress, both parties have been met with lovely comments and with the white sparkle canvas boots and ankle socks the whole outfit is a brilliant combination. For Leah’s 2nd party (middle bottom photo) it was a really cool day and Leah received a Jersey Bolero which really complimented the dress.

The party dress can be washed on a normal 40c wash and tumble dried on a low setting. As yet I have not used the tumble dryer to dry this item due to the lovely weather we’d recently been enjoying.

Little Bird

Little Bird by Jools Striped T-Shirt – £6

Little Bird by Jools Lightwash Dungarees – £16

Mothercare Lace Turn Over Top Socks – 3 Pack – £4

Little Bird Navy Buckle Shoes – £15

I do think that little kids + dungarees are just SUPER cute. When my son was a baby he was always wearing dungarees but when Leah was born I’d never thought about putting her in dungarees as I thought there were a “boy thing”. How wrong was I?! I am so glad I was offered to review these dungarees.

Also added to the outfit was the Little Bird by Jools Striped T-Shirt and Navy Buckle Shoes also from the same range, all these items compliment the whole outfit really well. Another outfit which Leah loves to wear, so much so she has now worn this a few times now. The shoes are usually worn on a day to day basis, these are now Leah’s favourite and she requests to wear these all the time. They look super comfy and we have had a fair few comments on the shoes since.

The dungarees and T-shirt are fully washable on a 40c wash and tumble dry-able.

Overall all items I have reviewed in this post are fantastic quality, they look, feel and wash really well. These are all items of which Leah will enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with the clothing items above for Leah to wear and review. All words and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Leah's Luscious Looks

  1. Ahhh she is so pretty! I love spending on my children – I hardly buy anything for myself to wear – I prefer dressing my kids!

  2. LOVE the dungarees!! Leah looks fab xx
    Does the little bird belt not come with the Dungarees? GAH! I have been eyeing these up for weeks & think they are gorgeous but I love the belt too lol x

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