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Leah 18 Months Old


Yesterday you reached 18 months old, we celebrated the moment you were born by painting at Playgroup where you did me a hand print (without screaming the building down by having paint on your hands!!).

Once we got home, your creative streak continued. Mainly with a stick of chalk and my walls.

In the past 3 months, you’ve matured, gained more of independence and learnt how to get your own way!!

Your favourite thing to do now is play endlessly with your Happyland Set and also push your doll stroller around the place, I’d say you put your dolls in the stroller but you don’t, Dog Dog’s been in it mostly but you’ve pushed a banana around and most recently, sand and berries found in the garden. You’ve also taken to playing with Lewis’s wooden train set and have also gained a good interest in Thomas the Tank Engine.

Out of all your favourite things to do, the top of your list has to be watch Peppa Pig closely followed by reading your favourite book Curious Kitten Peek A Boo.

You absolutely sucked in by Peppa Pig on Mummy’s mobile phone.

Your speech hasn’t improved at all yet, we are yet to get a clear word from you. I’m sure overtime we will get words from you but at the moment you prefer to get Lewis to speak for you. You also get worked up quite easily and your chosen way to show your dissatisfaction is by screaming… and LOUD! You can be so so ear piercingly high pitched too.

Walking is something you have beyond mastered, you still don’t sit still and are slowly starting to hate being in your pushchair but you accept your pushchair on the twice day trips to Lewis’s school…. for now!

As for sleeping, you are a wonderful sleeper. You ask to go to bed by 7pm and usually sleep through without disturbances until 6.30/7am. I am a very happy Mummy, thank you princess.

Happy 18 Month Birthday Princess, all my love Mummy xxxxx


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